Site Layout & Function

A bit of an admin update to let you know that I am going to be playing around with some changes to the layout of the site this week. The site itself is built on WordPress and the ‘theme’ I have been using seems to be giving me some grief when it comes to adding images. Sometimes things work and then on something that I think is set up the same it doesn’t. So not being a coder of any sort my solution is going to be to play around with a few new themes until I find something that works. So if you notice any weirdness over the next week it’s just me trying to get things working.

I still plan on doing my weekly updates and once I get the site working in stable way I will be adding quite a few pictures of finished work. The images are already done for Malifaux, Infinity, Mercs, Batman and Wild West Exodus. I just need to get the site stable so that you can see them.

With a bit of look I will have another update for you by the end of the week and it should be to say that things are now working. Fingers crossed.


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