Weekly Waffle #3

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work on the site again this week and think that things are now starting to settle down a bit. On the functional side the static pages are now displaying what I want them to, in more or less the right way. I have managed to find a gallery plugin that seems to work, although I’m going to leave it in the trial mode until I have a few more images uploaded so I can test it properly. Image wise I’ve been busy with the camera and will soon have some WWX and some Malifaux added to the existing Batman and Haqqislam offerings. I’ve also added a few older painting guides which don’t have any step by step pictures and one, ‘Deathstroke’ with some step by step pictures. I’m quite happy with these and plan to keep doing them, with the aim of trying to do one a month.

Looking forward I’m going to try and introduce a few extra bits to look more at the gaming side of things and a few ad-hoc hobby tips. I’m not sure what format these will take but it’s something to be working on.

On the hobbying front I have managed to finish off the Victor Zsasz crew for batman and I’m pretty happy with them. In particular I think the eyes on (name) which are being held open by some weird mask contraption, are really striking. I’ve also started writing up a painting guide for them so I’ll add that once it’s finished.

My Guild Ball butchers boy, or ‘Boiler’ to give him his proper name, isn,t quite finished and already I can’t wait for the full release. This is a really nice model with lots of character and it’s a joy to paint it. Colour wise I’m happy with how it’s coming along and I think this will form the base for the rest of Butchers Guild when they land.

Looking forward I have some more Infinity lined up with a couple of remotes, that will bulk out the points and add a bit of variety to my list options. I also have a ‘War Correspondent’ who as far as I can see is absolutely pointless (although he does actually cost 3 points). But it’s a fantastic model and who wouldn’t want someone along to film all the glorious battles and crushing victories. Then editing out the bits that don’t go to plan. Anyway that’s going to be the focus for this week.

It’s a good job he wasn’t finished for Wednesday night’s game because I got an absolute pasting. A few of us have been playing through the ‘Operation Ice Storm’ games. These make it easy to get a couple of games in in the evening. Well I had some horrible dice rolls and got my ass handed to me on a plate. Hoping to turn things round next week and get the dice gods back on my side.


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