Weekly Waffle #6

It’s been a bit of funny week for me. Work has had me away from home for a few days so I’ve not got as much painting time in as I would have liked. Having said then I have managed to make some progress with some more Haqqislam troops for Infinity. Sekban (Special Naval Force) to be precise. These guys are medium infantry in game terms and like the Muyibs from last week the box set here gives a range of weapon options. I’ve kept the same overall colour scheme of green and brown but this time I’ve gone for green armour and brown fatigues. They also have some red markings on the shoulders and collar.

Overall I’m happy with these and the choices available to me for a Haqqislam list are starting to build up. Looking forward I need to think about some normal infantry and some support options, such as doctors, engineers and hackers.

I’ve also managed to get a bit of work in on some building for Wild West Exodus. I can’t remember where they came from though. I’ll have to check with Al who ordered them and give you an update later.

A big surprise this week was that Angels announced on Monday that he would be doing another print run of his A to Z of painting book, so there would be another chance to try and get a copy. Then on Wednesday they were available to pre-order so I jumped at the chance and manage to order a copy. Happy Chappy. I don’t know if it will come with the model or for that matter when it might be delivered but I’m just happy to know I’ll be getting a copy at some point in the future.

What it does mean is that I’ve spent more money than I planned this month. When I didn’t manage to get a copy last week I consoled myself by ordering ‘Ana Bot Killer’ from Amnon Miniatures. This was a model I had seen some time ago and it was featured in a copy of ‘Figure Painter’ magazine which inspired me to get one. I’m going to do a separate ‘Project’ article on it going from unboxing to hopefully finished article which will be something new for me. And hopefully something interesting for you folks to read.

My plan to take a more measured approach to building and painting the ‘Ana Bot Killer’ model. I’ll be mixing it in with some more Infinity work to try and keep things fresh. On the Infinity front as well as the things I mentioned above that I need to think about I’ve still got some individual characters to paint up so I’ll be making a start on them. And I’m also waiting for a TAG to turn up so I’ve got plenty to be getting on with.

And finally I’m going to spend some time this week clearing up my workspace. A big step I know but I’m going to get rid of my old GW paint station and just generally tidy things up. I’ll let you know how it goes and may even do a few before and after pictures.


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