Weekly Waffle #7

I’ve managed to get some more hobby time in this week and the first thing I have done is to clear up my workspace.

Next up I had some unboxing to do when my ‘Ana Bot Hunter’ model arrived. This is a model from Ammon Miniatures which I had seen some time ago and really liked. Then I saw and unboxing of it in a copy of ‘Figure Painter’ magazine and decided to try and track it down, which consisted of simply going to the Ammon Miniatures web site. Which by the way has some other really nice looking minis. So model ordered and little over a week later it arrived. Now this isn’t part of any gaming system it just a model I like and want to paint. So I’m going to take my time with it and turn it into a bit of project where I try new things to try and push my painting. This will be a separate set of posts and I’ll look to make them a bit more detailed. But in the mean time like a kid a Christmas I just had to share these unboxing pictures with you.

Back on the Infinity front I have managed to finish off the box set of Sekban (Special Naval Unit) which gives me some medium infantry for my list. These guys give me a Boarding Shotgun, a Spitfire, an AP Rifle and a Chain-colt. I think they fit in well and offer up a few more options.

This week Element Games in Stockport (UK) ran a Guild Ball Demo day so I went along to have a look. I managed to get in a couple of demo games and have to say it’s a fantastic game. They also had some of the minis on display and they are looking fantastic. The Kick Starter is due to deliver the third week in March and I just can’t wait for them to arrive. But for now have a look and see what you think.

And that’s it for this week. For next week I’m going to be working on an Anaconda Mercenary TAG squad for Infinity. I’ve gone for the Anaconda simply because I like the look of it and the basic colours fit in with my existing Haqqisslam theme quite well.


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