Weekly Waffle #9

Something of a mixed week this week. I felt I was losing my mojo with all the Infinity I seem to have been painting over the last couple of weeks so I switched to something different. The result has been some more work on my Batman collection with the Heath Ledger Joker which I think is a fantastic model.

Then it was on to a couple of henchmen in the form of Mr Hammer & Mr Sickle. I like both these models and after reading up on their background, they were conjoined twins, I decided to paint them both at the same time. Just to make sure they were done in the same way. I ended up spending a lot of time trying to get the skin tones as smooth as possible. I didn’t get it quite right but I’m happy with the overall result and it’s something to work on. One thing that was worrying me about these guys though where their tattoos. My original plan was not to bother with them but they are so prevalent in the art work I decided to give them a go. This is the first time I’ve tried to do any free hand work and overall I’m really happy with them. They are by no means perfect but it felt good to give them a try and my thinking was if I don’t try these things I’ll never get better at them.

I’ve also been busy with the green stuff and along with the bases for the Batman models I’ve also made a few for my mate Al. He has just had a Kickstarter (name) delivered and needed some street style bases so I’ve done him a selection based on the ones I’ve been using for my Batman models.

And having topped up my mojo painting the Batman models I’ve got a bit more work completed on my Infinity Anaconda TAG. It’s not quite there yet but it’s getting there.

With all this painting going on the conversion work I started last week hasn’t seen the light of the day. Considering the earliest I will need it is January next year there no rush and I think the plan will be to bring out the conversions when I need a break from painting. But it will get finished, it just might take a while.



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