Weekly Waffle #10

It’s been a bit of strange week this week. For as long as I can remember our gaming club night has been on a Wednesday night. But things change and we’ve had to move it to a Tuesday, nothing drastic in that but it’s become such a routine for me that I’ve been all over the place this week with the move. I guess it really is hard to teach an old dog a new trick. But I’m sure I’ll get used to in.

So what did I manage to do this week? First up I’ve done a bit more conversion, or more actually, scratch building. I started work on a Gorkanaut or is it a Morkanaut some time ago with the idea that it should match my Grotbots. This week I’ve done a bit more work on some of the details and it’s coming along nicely. The legs are finished:

The engine just needs the connecting pipes to the exhaust which will just be some plain green stuff constructions.

The details on the head are all complete and I just need to work out how I’m going to light up the eyes. I have a lighting kit from ‘Powered Play Gaming’ but I’m considering running some fibre optics into the head instead of actually mounting the bulbs in there. This way I can contain all of the electronics in the body, which may make things a bit easier.

I now need to start to think about the arms but the earliest I’m going to need this will be next January (2016) for the 40k Battle Brothers, or weekend drinking session as we refer to it, so there’s no rush.

Back on the Infinity front and I’ve managed to finish off my Anaconda TAG. I really wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out but in the end I’m really happy with it. There’s some more free hand in there with the markings which I thing turned out ok but still need more practice.

I’ve been challenged to a game of Dystopian Wars next week so I’m going to break out my corvettes and see how they fair. Apparently they are really good at assaulting other ships if you can get enough of them into range but I’m not convinced. So I’m going to make sure I have lots of gunships just in case. You can’t beat a good Old Russian gunship.

Planning the game got me looking to see if there was anything new out there for Dystopian Wars and I really like the look of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Naval Battle Group. The ships look really nice so I may have to consider these as a future purchase.


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