Weekly Waffle #12

This week I’ve been working to finish off some of the Batman models from last week. I’ve managed to get some of the basic objective markers finished off and made some progress on the Joker gas cylinders but these still need some free hand to finish them off.

Next up we have the Riddler which I am really happy with. I think the green really stands out especially with some of the darker detail. I use purple for the darker sections after finding some examples of these colours on line. They will also carry through it I use him as part of the Joker crew as I used purple for the Jokers suite.

Sticking with the bad guy theme I’ve expanded the number of henchmen I have available by add these Blackgate prisoners. The prison orange is another colour that really pops on the table to make these guys stand out. From a game point of view they can be used as part of lots of different crews and combined with the Arkham lunatics I already have give me a good base to build from. I had toyed with the idea of trying to freehand ‘Blackgate’ down the left leg of each model but couldn’t get it small enough to look right so gave up. Something to practice and maybe come back to in the future.

Alfred has taken something of back seat this week. I don’t have any good guys so there’s no rush to get him finished. And considering he is a limited edition model I really want to do the best job I can with him. So he’s observing proceedings whilst I work out how to finish him.

I’ve been enjoying painting these Batman models because they are all a bit different so I haven’t got stuck in a rut painting big numbers. But having said that I have made two orders this week. One through Element Games (highly recommended) for the Joker’s Elite Clowns. And another order directly through Knight Models for the full Joker crew, that’s the Joker, Harlequin and nine clowns. This should keep me busy for a while and it also gives me all the Joker models with the exception of the two Titan models and the alternate Harlequin.

Taking a really long term look ahead I have also taken the plunge, along with a few friends and backed the Wild West Exodus Kick Starter “Unfinished Business”. I’ve gone for the Confederates because I really like the hit and run, sneaky feel they have. It’s not due to deliver until next year so I’ve got plenty of time to think about just how I’m going to paint them. Although one thing I’m really keen to do is to give them some really nice scenic bases, which is something I can work on before the models actually turn up.

Anyway that’s it for this week.


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