Weekly Waffle #13

A really mixed week this week. It actually started last weekend when I had a few games of X-Wing and I’m now hooked. A few of my friends have been playing it since it came out and I’ve had a few games in the past but never got the bug. Then last Saturday I played a few games using a YT-2400, because I really like the look and the fluff in the expanded universe. As it turns out it’s also fun to play so I’m now going to have to look at building up a 100 point list and wee where we go from there.

Guild ball is in the process of being shipped as we speak, there was an option to go and collect it last Friday but I couldn’t make it so I’m at the mercy of the post man. With a bit of look it will turn up early next week and I then get to work cleaning it up and painting. My plan is that once I have the team painted up I will run trial games for anyone in our club that ones to give it a go. There’s also another club that sometimes run events with who are interested so I’m planning to run some games for them as well. It will probably take a bit of time to get to that stage because I want to paint everything up first and I’m not planning on doing a rush job.

I’ve made a start on my Anna Bot Hunter model

Batman has also had a look in this week as well me starting some work on the Elite Clowns that will be going into my Joker crew.

My copy of Angel Giraldez Painting miniatures from A to Z arrived this week and it was well worth the wait. The quality is absolutely fantastic and the content is out of this world. I’ve only had chance to skim through it at the moment but it looks really good and I’m certainly going to try and follow some of his step by step guides. Just to see what I can come up with. It also came with the limited edition Joan of Arc miniature but I’m not going to be keeping this. My mate Al collects Pan O so I’ve done a deal with him. We are going to do a miniature swap, he gets the mini that came with the book and I get, well I don’t know yet. Because I’ve been enjoying my painting so much of late I’ve challenged him to find me something, from anywhere, that he thinks will be fun to paint. So you’ll need to check back to see what he comes up with.

I’m not sure what I’ll get done next week because my mum needs to go into hospital for an operation so my hobby time will understandably need to fit around this and it will mean I won’t be at home. If I can’t get any hobby time in I will probably end up doing some work on the site that I have been putting off. So until next week happy gaming.


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