Weekly Waffle #15

Ok where to start this week. I’ve continued to add more content to the site, specifically the galleries, since last week’s update. There are now six different galleries up and running and I’ve even made sure that I’ve added descriptions to all of the individual images, which was a really exciting job. But not half as exciting as going back over all the previous posts on the site and adding ‘tags’ to them, all so that it will be possible to search for content. Having said that now that it’s done I’ve learnt my lesson and I’ll be making sure it’s part of any future updates.

On the hobby front I’ve been a bit unmotivated for most of this week so I’ve been working on some Wild West style buildings. I can’t remember where they came from but I think it was a kick starter a friend of mine backed. The Saloon and the Undertakers are nearly finished and I have a church that is getting there, it just needs its window frames adding. The buildings themselves went together without any issue but I did find that they soak up paint at an alarming rate. After a bit of work on the first test piece I gave everything a coat of watered down PVA to help seal them, which seemed to work quite well. These will probably find their way into games of Wild West Exodus or Malifaux.

DSC01270 DSC01269 DSC01268 DSC01267 DSC01266

Also this week, after much messing about, DHL finally managed to deliver a parcel to me. I think they must have known that it was full of baddies looking to cause havoc on the streets of Gotham. Here we have the extended Joker crew along with the alternate model for Harlequin. That’s twelve models in total so that should keep me busy for a while. When finished that will give me the full Joker crew with the exception of the Titan variants.


Kick Starter news this week is that Guild Ball still hasn’t landed. I’ve had an update to say that the last team, the Morticians, have now arrived and that they are in the process of being packed and shipped. So fingers crossed they should be here soon.

On Thursday in a bid to get some mojo and motivation back I’ve decided to go back to Dystopian Wars and make a start on my Russian Coalition Arial Battle Group. I’ve had these for some time but after painting up thirty something ships for my naval force I needed a change and couldn’t face painting these. Enough time has now passed and these now feel fresh, which backs up the idea of swapping and changing projects to keep motivated. Here we have a Skyfortress, some medium Skyships and some light interceptors. They are going to get the same colour scheme as the naval force and the beauty of the game is that you can mix and match Arial and Naval units in the same game.

DSC01262 DSC01261 DSC01260 DSC01259

Back to the site and now that I’m happy with the gallery set up I’m going to try and spend a bit of time taking some pictures of my 40K Orks and set them up with their own gallery. It’s just that I’ve got that many of the blighters I don’t know where to start. So I may have to be technical and just pick a random box and start there.



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