Guild Ball – Fisherman’s Guild


What I thought I would do here is take an initial look at the different Guilds available for season one starting with the Fisherman’s Guild. Because I’ve only had a couple of demo games so fare I’m really only looking at the ‘Fluff’ and trying to give you feel for the different teams.

Just like in any team different players fill different roles and the Fishermen come across as being a team that will be all about movement. They are a very offensive team with lots of cooperative options in their ‘Playbook’ that allow them to work together and as such they can be very quick to get the first score in.

Not necessarily the best team in a stand up fight but certainly not one to be taken for granted. Again some of their combo plays especially between Siren and Kraken can quickly leave you in a world of hurt.

For this first season the team is made up of:

Shark, Fang of the Sea and team captain – Striker

Salt, The Rascal and team mascot – Animal Mascot

Angel, The Seas Beauty – Striker

Greyscales, Elder Fisherman – Winger

The Siren, Allure of the sea – Winger

Jac, the Brawler – Defensive Midfielder

Kraken, Deep Power – Centre Back


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