What is Guild Ball


I’ve mentioned a few times that I have been waiting for the Guild Ball Kickstarter to arrive but I don’t think I’ve ever actually explained what is. So for anyone out there that isn’t aware of what it is here’s a bit of an introduction.

To start with it’s a table, top fantasy football style, miniatures game set in the Empire of Free Cities. Anywhere people gather games will take place so one game may be on a pristine field, another in the town square and yet another on the dockside, anything goes. These games are played out between teams from different ‘Guilds’. Each ‘Guild’ has its own style of play and there are different characters within each team that contribute their own unique style of play. Because it’s a table top game it means that you get to enjoy near total freedom of movement and complexity of decision making.

The core game engine is designed to be fast and easy to play, making the game play nice and smooth. It uses a classic D6 mechanic with an intuitive dice pool system. Hit resolution is really fast with very few modifier computations. The ‘Playbook’ system allows for a huge variety of outcomes to each action. This allows you to decide the in-game effect you need to deliver success, as long as you get enough hits.

The momentum system reflects the ebb and flow of a football game. As players perform actions they generate momentum which can in turn be spent on some really awesome special moves and plays.

The models within each team are also carefully designed to play off and feed into each other. So it’s possible to discover a huge depth of strategy available to each character which will be reinvigorated each time a new model is added to the team roster.

And last but my no means least. In fact it’s the reason I backed the Kickstarter in the first place. The game uses some fantastically detailed 30mm miniatures, designed and sculpted to deliver and fantastic range of models for both gaming and collecting.

That’s the overview and now that the Kickstarter has landed I plan to do a series of post starting with some unboxing and going right through to getting some games played. So if you’re interested in the journey keep popping back to see how it’s going.


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