Guild Ball – Brewer’s Guild



Next up we have the Brewers and there’s nothing fancy about this lot. Where the Butchers are fighters these guys are brawlers. There not a fast team but then who would be if you’ve had half a dozen tankards of Ale before taking to the pitch. But that also allows them to shrug off blows that would otherwise fell an ox.

Not the most synergistic of teams, they rely more on simply barging the other team out the way and like all drunks they clear a wide space around them. Opening the way for them to score.

Regardless of the outcome they’ll be more than happy to share a drink with you after the game.

For this first season the team is made up of:

Tapper, Grand Brewer and team captain – Central Midfielder

Scum, The Unwanted and team mascot – Animal mascot

Friday, Tragic Orphan – Striker

Hooper, The Unyielding Soldier – Attacking Midfielder

Stave, Artillerist – Attacking Midfielder

Stoker, Master of the Stills – Defensive Midfielder

Spigot, Ignominious Drunk – Defensive Midfielder


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