Weekly Waffle #16

I was at a family funeral yesterday and most of this week has been taken up with the preparation for this. But once again my hobby time has been a bit of an escape and way to take my mind off other things for a while.

Guild Ball arrived on Saturday just after I did the last update and it looks fantastic. Starting with the rule book that has that gorgeous new book smell, lot of dice, markers and templates. But the real joy are the miniatures. I’ve had chance to look through them all now and they are fantastic. Like any metal mini they will need to a bit of cleaning up but the casting looks to be top notch with very little flash on any of them. And the sculpts are fantastic, with every model has a real character of their own. My plan is to take my time with these going team by team and giving them the best paint job I can


I’ve also spent some time working on my Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition Arial Battle Group. They still need a few details finishing off but they will be ready for use very soon. I just don’t know if anything here can come close to replacing my beloved gunships. My painting guide came in handy when I started work on these guys because I couldn’t remember which greys I had used to layer up the colours. So a quick look back through my guide and I was up and running.


I’ve also made a couple of tweaks to the site with varying degrees of success. The first was a plugin that should help the pages load a little bit quicker. I don’t pretend to understand just how this works but it’s now running and it does seem to be a bit quicker so I’ll leave it as it is for now and keep an eye on it. The second was to add some software to my laptop to allow me to update the media gallery directly from Lightroom (which I use for all my pictures). This link works but the images won’t open properly when you click on them in a post. I’m not sure why this is yet and will need to play around with some of the settings but I can get it work correctly it will save me a lot of time updating the site.

As I mentioned last week I’ve started to take some pictures of my Orks and with a bit of look will have a new gallery up for them by next week.

And finally for this week it’s a bank holiday here in the UK so that means no getting up for work, at silly o’clock, on Monday. So I’m going to a beer festival tonight with a few friends, safe in the knowledge that I have a couple of days to recover.


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