Guild Ball – Alchemist’s Guild



The Alchemists are all about controlling the playing field. Like the Fishermen they are a quick and nibble team but not one that likes to get into a stand up fight. They are very good at restricting the opposition’s movement with some of their combination plays.  After all no one wants to charge through a cloud of acid to get to a player.

For the player that can anticipate what the opposition may do the Alchemists can use the control of space to almost count as another player. Stopping their opponents in their tracks.

For this first season the team is made up of:

Midas, The Chosen One and team captain – Central Midfielder

Flask, Obscure Automaton and team mascot – Mechanica Mascot

Vitriol, The fulmination of Progress – Striker

Katalyst, Fallen Prometheus – Attacking Midfielder

Calculus, Maiden of Science – Central Midfielder

Mercury, The Flare of Passion – Central Midfielder


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