Guild Ball – The Union


The Union hold a unique place in Guild Ball in that they are both a team in their own right but that its players will also sell their skill to other teams if needed. This means that all its members are individuals with little in the way of synergy.

Having said that they are some of the most skilled individuals in the Empire of the Free Cities when it comes to Guild Ball. This individual style does lend itself more to an attacking game because that’s where the glory is. But they are a scalpel and need to be used as such. You need a game plan; set them up to deliver it and the win is there for you.

For this first season the team is made up of:

Blackheart, The Pirate King and team captain – Central Midfielder

Coin, Horrific Serpent and team mascot – Animal Mascot

Gutter, The Broken – Central Midfielder

Mist, Mysterious Shadow – Striker

Snakeskin, The Chameleon – Winger

Decimate, Exile – Winger

Minx, Feral Hunter – Winger

Rage, The Opportunist – Attacking Midfielder

Hemlocke, Priestess of the Ancient Gods – Defensive Midfielder

Fangtooth, The Monster – Centre Back

Averisse & Greede, Private Entrepreneurs for Hire – Centre Back / Striker


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