Weekly Waffle #17

Well after the turmoil and carnage that has been the last few weeks for me, this week has seen a welcome return to what passes for normality. No crises, catastrophes or disasters, just a run of the mill normal week.

On the hobby front I’ve managed to finish off my Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition Arial Battle Group. Finishing these off has also got me looking as some different options what it comes to list building. As a Russian player my go to option seems to always be the ‘Gunship’. For their points they one of the best ships out there, able to soak up a beating to get close and then unleashing devastating fire power. But using them all the time can make things a bit boring. So I’ve been looking at using the Saransk medium Skyships here to act as spotters for some heavy mortars. I’ve a game lined up in a couple of weeks so I’ll let you know how they get on.

Weeklywaffle-17-11 Weeklywaffle-17-10 Weeklywaffle-17-9 Weeklywaffle-17-8

With the table clear of skyships I’ve turned my attention the Empire of the Free Cities and made a start on my Guild Ball. First up is going to be the Alchemist Guild, just because they were the first ones I picked out of the box at random. Now painting wise I’ve not seen any studio painted minis for these guys so I’m going to go with the colour scheme from the artwork. I know there’s nothing to stop me going with my own colour scheme but I like the feel of the art work and it ties in with the stats cards and dice so I’m going with that. I’ve also set my stall out to take lots of pictures for each stage of the process and then produce a painting guide for each Guild.


On the site front I have now added a 40K Ork gallery which I will continue to update as I work my way through my different boxes. Also on the gallery front I’ve added more pictures of the Skyships I’ve just completed to the Dystopian Wars section. And that just about rounds things off for this week. Hope you all have a good week.


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