Transporting my Russian Coalition

Up until this weekend my Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition have lived in a Shoe box wrapped in bubble wrap. This has kept them nice and safe but it’s been a pain when it comes to using them in games. It takes what feels like forever to unwrap everything to find what I’m looking for and then again to make sure everything is warped up properly after a game. So I thought it was about time they got a proper home.

My usual go to solution for storing my models is KR Multicase and I have several of their standard card cases with different foam inserts for several different armies. For me the beauty of this solution is that the cases are easy to store and then in conjunction with a double ‘Kaiser’ bag are easy to transport. So I picked up a couple more cases with the intent of one of them being used for my Dystopian Wars.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to work out how I could fit the most into a single case and in the end managed to fit everything I currently have into a single case. This includes dice, templates, markers and the rule book. To do this I have had to mix and match the trays I used in quite an unusual way, but it works for me. It also leaves me some space for a few other models, in particular the ‘Bomber’ force that has recently been released.

Starting at the bottom to take the heavy hitters I have used two, V2H pluck and pick trays which are ½ depth trays. On one side I have plucked out four large sections that currently hold a Moskva Dreadnought, a Khatanga Heavy Battleship and two Borodino Battleships. And then to the side of these I have two narrow slots that each takes a Pesets Submarine with its submerged markers and some bomb markers. The other side has three large sections that currently hold, an Azov Battle Cruiser, a Dudinka Assault Carrier and a Tunguska Large Skyship. I then have two smaller sections that hold my dice and my SAS with movement trays. There is also another smaller section that holds some damage markers.

KR Case 1-4

Next up is where things get a little bit unusual. On the right side I have used an F3h tray which is 1/3 depth tray. I cut out some of the dividers to allow it to hold, three Tiksi Support Cruisers, Six Tamboz Gunships and three Suvorov Cruisers.

KR Case 1-3

On the other side I have two M4H trays which are ¼ depth trays. On the lower of these two trays I have concentrated on my areal units by removing some dividers to allow it to hold, three Saransk Medium Skyships and five Suyetka Small Interceptors. It also currently holds four Ice Berg markers and has some space left for a bomber force that I am looking to add in the near future.

On the top layer I haven’t had to remove any dividers and it currently holds four Rostov Destroyers, Four Nikel Heavy Frigates, four Novgorod Frigates and five Kazimov Corvette.

KR Case 1-2

The thin top layer of foam then fits on the top. The slight difference in height caused by using a 1/3 depth tray on the right allows me to put my templates on top of the foam on this side. Then the rule book and a selection of army lists fit on top of this keeping everything together in one place.

KR Case 1-1


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