Weekly Waffle #18

I’ve had a really nice week this week with no crises or catastrophe’s which has meant I have managed to fit in some relaxing hobby time. In keeping with my idea about mixing up what I’m working on so that I don’t get bored or bogged down I’ve split my time between Guild Ball and Dystopian Wars.

On the Guild Ball front I’ve sorted out the colour palate I’m going to be using for my Alchemist Guild and have blocked in all the colours so I can get a feel for how they will look. I was really happy with how they looked and I’ve now started to work on adding the shading and highlights to these base colours. Once that’s done it will be on to the details and then bases.

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Whilst I’ve been painting these guys I’ve been getting lots of pictures at each stage so will be able to post a painting guide for them once they are finished. Also on the Guild Ball front I’ve been playing around with a few ideas for some goals. There are some really nice examples out there I my plan had been to base my goals on these, but I was struggling as to what to do for a couple of the guilds. Then I stumbled on an idea. Now bear with me on this. I’m a rugby fan not a football fan and got to thinking that because Guild Ball, at the top level, is an organised game then there may be some standard goals. I then got looking at the ‘Barge Board’ upgrade available from 4Ground for their ‘Fabled Realms – Mordanburg’ buildings. Cut these up a bit and turn them upside down and you have something that vaguely resembles some rugby posts. So I’ve ordered some and I will see how they work out.

On the other side of the hobby week I have been working on the ‘Black Wolf’ fleet for Dystopian Wars. I got these a while ago but just haven’t got round to painting them until now. Having finished off my Russian Fleet, at least until I order some bombers, I thought I’d have a go at these.

Add details of how I painted them.

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