Weekly Waffle #19

This week has seen me continuing with both my Black Wolf Fleet for Dystopian Wars and the Alchemist Guild for Guild Ball. Although it’s fair to say that the bulk of my time has been spent on the Black Wolf fleet. I just seemed to get into a flow with them and have really enjoyed painting them. It’s been a bit of trial and error with them but I’ve got the colour scheme nailed down now. Even though the Ghost Tint never seemed to dry. Or to be more precise it felt dry to the touch be seemed to bleed through when I tried to apply any colour on top of it. In the end I used a coat of Vallejo satin varnish to seal the model before adding the details, which seemed to do the trick. But this did take some of the character away from the finished model. Having said that I’m happy with how the finished ships have turned out.

Black Wolf-20 Black Wolf-14 Black Wolf-7 Black Wolf-3 Black Wolf-2 Black Wolf-1

Despite the issues I had with the Ghost Tint on these I really like how they have turned out and will be looking to add the Arial Battle Fleet box set to my collection in the near future. Probably at the start of next month once I’ve been paid.

As well as getting this painting in I’ve had the green stuff out to make up some 40mm base inserts for a mate. I made some 30mm bases for his Pulp City minis and he now needs these bigger versions. He actually asked me for them some time ago and I’ve just been shoddy in getting round to doing them. Any way I’ve finally got them finished and delivered, so I guess he’s not excuse for not finishing painting them now.

Also this week I’ve taken the first step on the road to Adepticon 2016. Well strictly speaking I’ve not done actually done anything my mate Darren has. He’s booked the hotels ahead of the event next year. I’ve started a separate set of posts where I’m going to document the whole process so keep an eye out for future updates.


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