Dropper Pot Paint Labels

This is a solution to a problem of my own making. To save a bit of space I keep my Vallejo paints in an MDF rack stood on top of my desk. It’s a great way to store them and there are lots of companies out there making this type of rack so they are easy to find.

Paint lables-4

But I have found is that over time the label on the paint pot rubs off and the more you use a particular paint the quicker it rubs off. Not a problem in and of itself but it can be an issue when you come to need more of the same colour. If you can read the label it’s easy, you just go online and order. If you can’t read the label you have to try and remember which paint you actually ordered, trying to match the colour on screen with what’s left in the pot.

Paint lables-1           Paint lables-2

So the high tech solution to this problem is to simply wrap a bit of clear sticky tape around the label when you first get the paint. This simply stops the label being rubbed away. It’s not going to change the world but I find it helpful.

Paint lables-3


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