Weekly Waffle #20

I’ve managed to get a few different games in this week starting with Star Wars X-wing last Sunday. We had a bit of mash up with a six player three way battle. Two Imperial, two rebel alliance and two scum & villainy. I was on the rebel side and used Dash in the Outrider along with an E-wing. Things went well to start with until the Imperials and Scum decided to pick on me and turn the Outrider into a pile of scrap. We didn’t play the game out to the end because we just ran out of time but it’s fair to say that scum were the winners. But I’m looking forward to the next one and will need to think about picking up some of my own models. I used my mate Pete’s for this game.

Also on the gaming front and again against Pete I got a chance to use the Black Wolf fleet against his Empire of the Rising Sun fleet on Tuesday night. Again we ran out of time before getting to the end but at the point we finished the Black Wolf was ahead and looking strong. Although if we’d had a bit more time I think the result would have been a lot closer. But it’s got me enthused for Dystopian Wars again so I’ll have to crack on with my Ottoman fleet, now that I have the colour scheme finalised, so I can throw something else into the mix. And I also covet Pete’s Empire fleet so I may have to consider one of my own in the not too distant future.

WW Ottoman-5 WW Ottoman-3 WW Ottoman-2 WW Ottoman-1

On the hobby front I’ve continued to work on my Guild Ball Alchemist team. I’ve been concentrating on the larger colour areas, in this case the green and brown just to try and make it feel like I’m making some progress. I’ve been taking lots of pictures so that I can do a more detailed painting guide but I find that stopping to take pictures breaks up the flow of painting. But I’m not going to let it beat me.

WW Guild Ball-5 WW Guild Ball-4 WW Guild Ball-3 WW Guild Ball-2 WW Guild Ball-1

I’m going to concentrate on getting the Alchemists finished for next week and I may also start work cleaning up and prepping the next guild. Although I don’t know which one it will be yet.


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