Weekly Waffle #22

Weekly Waffle

No gaming club this week so I’ve spent the whole week just focusing on cracking on with Guild Ball. The bulk of my time this week has been spent working on the Fisherman’s Guild. The poses on these models make them harder to paint than the Alchemists and I’ve struggled to come up with a colour scheme that I’m happy with. The obvious choice was to go down the route of the studio painted models but I know I just couldn’t do that justice and would never be happy with what I ended up with. So I kept the idea of working with blue as the main colour and just tried to work with different shades, and for the bits that I wanted to really pop I used turquoise. They still have a ways to go but I’m happy with how they are coming along.

WW Fishermen-1 WW Fishermen-2 WW Fishermen-3 WW Fishermen-4 WW Fishermen-5 WW Fishermen-6 WW Fishermen-7

Also this week I’ve spent some time playing around with basing options. The inserts that came with the kickstarter were an obvious first choice but I only have a limited number of these so as my collection expands, which it’s already started to do, I wouldn’t have enough of these to go round. I then had a look as some bases I had made for my Infinity Haqqislam and decided I could make some more of these up as inserts and use them as a starting point. They are basically a cracked earth style of base and my idea was to use them, but to then apply different types of static grass to the cracked earth section, leaving some without grass, to try and give a worn out playing field look to them. So fare I have added some ‘meadow flowers’ from Army Painter, which I am really happy with but I’m still waiting for some more ‘grasses’ to arrive in the post.

WW Goals and Base-1

And with the base plan sorted I have been able to mount the Alchemists on their inserts and make and am now just waiting for the grasses that I ordered to finish them off.

WW Alchemists-1 WW Alchemists-2

Also this week the ‘rigging’ parts that ordered to use on my goals arrived and I have started to do some early work to see how the rigging would work. I’m not a hundred percent happy with thing yet but I’m happy that I’ve proved the idea and think I know how to finish them off.

WW Goals and Base-2 WW Goals and Base-3 WW Goals and Base-4

And that’s it for this week.


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