Weekly Waffle #24

Weekly Waffle

So I know it’s the question that’s been on your minds all week. Did anyone survive the zombie apocalypse? So in a word No! We did better than last time but in the end our heroic intentions were let down by our woeful zombie slaying skills. In my defence I would like to say that I was the last man standing, well actually my character was a lady so last woman standing. We agreed on a different plan for the next game and with a bit of luck, or maybe a lot of luck we may eventually manage to complete this first mission.

In other news, way back in May I ordered the team members for the guilds I got as part of my Kickstarter, that I didn’t actually order as part of my Kickstarter pledge. Then just after last weeks ‘Weekly Waffle’ went out the post man turned up with and unexpected parcel. To be honest I’d actually forgotten that I’d ordered the models so it was a very nice surprise. Even if it does mean that it’s more minis to add to the painting queue. But it will mean that I will then have a full roster of players for each of the guilds I have.

WW24 Boxes-1

On the hobby front I finally managed to get the Fishermen finished, although my estimate of having them done by the end of last weekend was woefully over optimistic. I only just managed to finish and photograph them in time for this week. I found these harder to paint than the Alchemists. Whilst I had an idea of how I wanted them to look I didn’t have as clear an idea on the detail of how I was going to try and achieve that. I thought there were also a lot more details on the minis so picking this out and keeping the colours distinctive was something of a challenge. Overall though I’m happy with how they turned out. This also means I can start running some games on club night and get a few more people playing. Although we’ve no club night next week so it’s probably going to be the 7th of July before we get the first games in.


Fishermen-2 Fishermen-5 Fishermen-8 Fishermen-11 Fishermen-14 Fishermen-17

Part of the reason it took me so long to finish the Fishermen this week was because I lost a bit of painting mojo, but I did put that time to good use by cleaning up and building my Mortician’s. I’ve taken the plunge with these guys as I find black a hard colour to get right in particular my highlights always look to grey, so this is bit like facing down a nemesis. So far I’ve got them primed but unlike on previous models I’ve only used a black primer on these, no grey. I was tempted to go with a purple colour scheme for them but then I had search online looking for ‘black cloth’ painting guides and came across  one here (http://handcannononline.com/blog). This seems to fit the bill of what I was looking for as he uses purple and green to mix in with the black which, when he does it looks really good. My plan is to give this a go as I think if I can pull it off it will give a nice feel to this guild. To add a bit of contrast I will then use a bit of yellow and maybe a brighter green on things like ribbons or other bits of detail to add a bit of contrast and pop. Or at least that’s the plan.

WW24 Morticians-1

 WW24 Morticians-8 WW24 Morticians-6 WW24 Morticians-5 WW24 Morticians-2 WW24 Morticians-3 WW24 Morticians-4 WW24 Morticians-7

No game night next week and I’ve also get to spend a few days away from home with work so I won’t have the chance to get that much painting in. Although whilst I’m stuck in a hotel I’m going to try and use some of the time to clean up as many of my remaining Guild Ball models as possible and also to try and finish off couple of painting guides.


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