Weekly Waffle #25

Weekly Waffle

It’s been a quite week on the gaming front this week. As I said last week I’ve spent most of the week in Newcastle for work so didn’t get any gaming in at all. On the hobby front I did take some of the my Guild Ball minis aways with me and I’ve taken the time to clean up both my Butchers and my Brewers. So that should save me a bit of time when I get round to painting them. A nice surprise however was a parcel waiting for me when I got home yesterday. Not full of minis but full of dice, or to specific Guild Ball dice, one set for each of the factions I have.


WW25-Dice-7 WW25-Dice-6 WW25-Dice-5 WW25-Dice-4 WW25-Dice-3 WW25-Dice-2 WW25-Dice-1


On the painting front I’ve made a start on my Morticians but my original plan for painting them didn’t work. I could manage to get the highlights I was looking for but you could only see them when you were right up to the mini. When you looked at them on the table they just looked black. And because these are gaming minis then I just didn’t think it was working. So I’ve bit the bullet and decided to go with a dark purple as the main colour for them. To add some contrast I will be doing some sections in dark green and then for the ‘pop’ I’m going to do some highlights in ligth green and yellow, which I think looks ok. I’ve made start so let me know what you think.

WW25-Morticians-1 WW25-Morticians-2 WW25-Morticians-3 WW25-Morticians-4 WW25-Morticians-5 WW25-Morticians-6 WW25-Morticians-7

I’ve also ordered some more Guild Ball minis, even though I said to myself I wasn’t going to order anything else until I finished what I already had. To be fair though I’ve not gone mad. I’ve just ordered the standard captains for the guilds I already have. By that I mean when I got my original order it was from the kickstarter so I got the limited edition captains and now I’ve just expanded things a little with the standard captains.

But I am going to finish everything off before I order any more full teams.

And that’s it for this week. Not a great updated but unfortunately keeping the bank manager happy sometimes gets in the way of things. Fingers crossed I can get a bit more done next week with the aim being to crack on with the Morticians.


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