Weekly Waffle #26

Weekly Waffle

Let’s start this week’s effort off with some gaming. Game night this week saw us have our first game of Guild Ball with the Alchemists against the Fishermen. Considering we were only using quick start set up of three models per team and a two foot square gaming area it took us ages. Lots of referring back to the rule book and querying things. But with each turn things got faster and we had a really good game. I was using the Alchemists and Al was using the Fishermen. Both have very different styles but they seemed to be very well balanced. We go to the stage where we were going to play one last turn before calling it a night. Al managed to get the ball, make a pass which allowed Shark to score, 4/0 to the Fishermen. The ball ended up in open play from the restart so my only hope was to go for it. I used Calculus to ‘blind’ Angel which allowed Midas to break away from her taking minimum hits. He used his Heroic play to get the extra distance he needed to reach the ball and then scored, 4/4. And that was when we called it a night. Overall a very good game and we learned a lot. We have another game planned for next week and I think it will go much more smoothly.

Hobby wise I’ve not been that productive this week. I’ve made something of rod for my own back with the colour scheme I’ve chosen for my morticians. Trying to get highlights that look good on the table whilst still keeping the overall feel of the model very dark is proving a real challenge. In short I just don’t have the skill or the knowledge to know how to do it right, so I’m just muddling along. I’ll get there in the end it’s just taking me longer than I would like. Anyway here’s where I’m up to so far.

WW26-1 WW26-2

I’ve had some successes this week though. First up I’ve painted up a set of balls, I know not very exciting, but essential for a football game. I was originally going to try and do something a bit fancy like you see on the world cup balls but I soon found I didn’t have the brush control to pull it off. So I’ve gone for a classic leather effect but then added a bit of colour to the seems to match the different guilds, something like home team advantage. Along with the balls I’ve also painted up a couple of the goal markers that came with the kickstarter. Because I’ve finished the Alchemists and the Fishermen I’ve gone with colours to match these. I’m still working on some fancy goals but these are nice to have and are much easier to transport.

WW26-4 WW26-3

And that’s been it this week. I’m going to really try and get stuck into the morticians this weekend with the aim of having them complete for next week. But I’m not making any promises.


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