Weekly Waffle #27

The highlight of this week’s gaming news was mine and Al’s second game of Guild Ball. It was still only a three player game on a two by two board but we had a much better idea of the rules and the general feel for the game. Again it was the Alchemists facing off against the Fishermen, and the Alchemists got a pasting. Alchemists kicked off and the Fishermen scored on the second activation of their return, Alchemist then scored following the Goal Kick and the Fishermen got another from that Goal Kick. We have decided that a two by two table is just too short so we are going to play the next game on a three by two. From looking on the Guild Ball forum there is some support of this because the stats for the quick start rules are not the same as those on stats cards that come with the models, and we’ve been using the cards. Overall it was a lot of fun but there’s no game night next week so it’s going to be two weeks before the next game. But Al now has a Union team so he’s been given the challenge of having them, or at least three of them ready for that game.

Hobby wise I’ve been cracking on with the Morticians and finally managed to get them finished. I have to admit that I really struggled with these guys and I had seriously considered striping them and starting again. But last Sunday I started to add some of the details and they just seemed to click. For me I like the contrast between the dark clothing, the pale skin tone and the bright ribbons. Considering how disappointed I was with how things were going for most of time I spent painting these I’m really very happy with how they turned out in the end.


Morticians-1 Morticians-4 Morticians-7 Morticians-10 Morticians-13 Morticians-16 Morticians-19

Also on the hobby front Al has asked me to lacquer some models for him because he hasn’t got his airbrush fixed yet. So it gives me a chance to share some more really nicely painted models with you. Here are some ‘Britanan Empire’ for ‘Relics’ along with some more ‘Pulp Fiction’ models. I particularly like ‘Tiny’ but I’ll let you decide which your favourite is.

Al-37 Al-34 Al-31 Al-28

Al-25 Al-22 Al-19 Al-16 Al-13 Al-10 Al-7 Al-4 Al-1

The plan for this week is to make a start on my Butchers. I’ve got a colour scheme in mind so I’m hoping I’ll be able to crack on with these and with a bit of look I will have something to show you next week.


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