Weekly Waffle #28

No game night this week so I’ve not had chance to lose another game of Guild Ball. But I have had chance to get some work done on my Butchers. There are quite a few examples of nice Butchers teams out there so fining inspiration for these was easy. I’ve stuck with standard colours that appear in the art work and unlike the Morticians these are colours that I feel quite happy painting so I’ve been finding it much more enjoyable to paint these. Because I have a couple of versions of Ox and Boiler it’s meant that I have nine models to paint this time which makes things interesting. I’m trying to make sure that I treat these duplicates as one model so that the paint jobs match once they are finished.


WW28-Butchers-2 WW28-Butchers-3 WW28-Butchers-4 WW28-Butchers-5 WW28-Butchers-6 WW28-Butchers-7 WW28-Butchers-8 WW28-Butchers-9 WW28-Butchers-10

I’ve also spent some time this week with the green stuff. My plan has been to get ahead of the curve and make up some bases for the models I already have. Which once the Butchers are out of the way will be the full Brewers team, half a dozen of the Union and then a few extras for the Fishermen and Alchemists. Al of which works out at about fifteen 30mm inserts and a couple of 40mm inserts.

WW28-2 WW28-1

And the final thing for this week was the post man turning up with another package, don’t know how that happened. So I now have Minx to add to my Union team and I  also picked up the session one plot cards.

WW28-4 WW28-5 WW28-3

Nothing more or this week but next week I should hopefully have the Butchers finished and will have another game of Guild Ball to report on. This time against Al’s Union.


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