Weekly Waffle #29

Gaming for this week actually started on Sunday morning with a five way game of X-Wing. Apparently I must have done something wrong because I had to start in the middle of the table with everyone gunning for me. It was a fifty point game so I went with a YT-2400, there were three Fire Sprays and one Decimator. My tactic was to stay out of the way and let the others beat themselves up, then sweep in for the kill, and for a change it worked. Claimed the glory, if the not work, for taking out three of the four. Well you it’s not right to kill everyone. But it was a fun game and really nice to win one, even if it was more luck than skill.

Game night this week saw me and Al running a demo game of the Guild Ball for Pete and Corrie. I’d printed off the stats cards for the demo players and got everything set up looking nice and ready to. Pete was playing Fishermen and Corrie had the butchers. First round and we had Brisket and Angel scraping, the Fishermen had taken the ball and but had no momentum to be able to go for goal. Second round so Angel taking a pasting, Siren had taken some damage which left things looking like the Butchers were going to take everyone out. But some fancy footwork and some even fancier ball play saw the Fishermen build some much needed momentum and score, 4 – 0 to the Fishermen. From the restart the ball went into open space and the Fishermen moved to cover it. Unfortunately the Butchers were doing what they are good at and managed to take out Angel, score now at 4 – 2. Whilst Angel had been taking a pounding the Fishermen had been doing some more of that fancy footwork so in the next turn they managed to get some passing in to build up some momentum and scored again. Win to the Fishermen 8 – 2. Both players said the enjoyed the game and we have another one lined up for next week, so fingers crossed that a couple more converts to the cause.

From my point of view it was fun to run the game and I think both myself and Al learned a lot from the experience. So we will be doing the same again next week and then the plan will be to offer to run some demo game for another club we are friends with and see if we spread the work a bit a more. The only drawback for us is that it will mean crossing the border into that there Yorkshire so it’s not without risk. But I’ll let you know how we get on in a future post, assuming we survive the trip.

Painting for this week has concentrated on finishing off my Butchers which I managed to do for Tuesday’s game against Al. I’ve found these much easier to paint than the Morticians but I think that was down to the fact that I was using a colour palate I was already comfortable with. It really does make a big difference. I’ve use the same approach as I did on all the other teams by going for a signature colour, in this case red, and then using the same pallet for things like the leather, skin and hair. I’m hoping this give them a bit of uniformity across the teams whilst still making it easy to spot which team is which at a glance.

Butchers-30 Butchers-1

Butchers-17 Butchers-23 Butchers-20 Butchers-2 Butchers-5 Butchers-9 Butchers-11 Butchers-14 Butchers-26

On the Hobby front I managed to get one of my goals finished off. Overall I’m really happy with it. I love to scratch build things and really didn’t want to just copy some of the excellent goals that are already out there. I wanted something that would fit in with the ‘fluff’ and in the rule book it talks about games being played in stadiums. So I thought that if there are stadiums with stands and the like then why not permanent goals. Simply get the ‘Carpenters Guild’ to knock something together and then get the ‘Riggers Guild’ to come in and add the block and tackle. Then the match officials simply host up the relevant guild icon depending on who is playing. From a practical point of view it means I only need two goals and can simply swap the icons as needed. Also if new teams come out in the future then I only need to make a new icon.

Goals-1 Goals-2 Goals-3 Goals-4 Goals-5

With the Butchers finished I’ve made a start on the Brewers. My intention is to try and go with a brown base colour with a tartan pattern for these guys, with the tartan being made up of broad light green sections with some thin red accent lines. Or at least that’s the plan, whether I can actually paint that is another matter but it’s what I’m going to try.


WW29-Brewers-3 WW29-Brewers-4 WW29-Brewers-5 WW29-Brewers-6 WW29-Brewers-7 WW29-Brewers-8 WW29-Brewers-2

Quite a bit there for this week but it has to end somewhere. I’m going to try and crack on with the Brewers  this week and try and build myself up to doing some tartan.


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