Weekly Waffle #31

I think this weeks update is going to be a true waffle. I’ve not really got my mojo back after feeling a bit under the weather last week so that’s slowed me down at. Then just to top things off my washing machine decided to die on me at the start of the week. It has literally shaken itself to pieces, which on the plus side has given me some interesting parts to use in some future scratch builds. The down side is I’ve had to get a new one, which with a bit of look will be delivered as this update goes to press. I just can’t help thinking of the all the minis I could have got instead, although when I’d get round to painting them I don’t know.

Now on the gaming front there’s been no game night again this week, in fact there’s no game night now until the 8th of September for various reasons. So I’ve had a lazy gaming week but I have arranged some Guild Ball games for the next couple of weeks. A friend runs a club across the boarder in that there Yorkshire and I’ve arranged to run a couple of demo games for him over the next couple of weeks. So next Friday, under the cover of darkness, I will sneaking across the boarder to run the games for them. With a bit of look I’ll make it back in one piece and I’ll be able to give you an update next week.

Painting has been equally as sparse as the gaming this week. I’ve managed to make some bases for my Brewers and I’ve made a start on painting them. They just need some final highlights and then in keeping with all my other bases I’ll add some grass clumps and flowers.


Just to try and get my mojo back I’ve dug into my box of unfinished projects and dug out this Kromlech Ork Pilot. I didn’t quite manage to finish it this week but having a complete change of style and colour has started to reinvigorate me. There’s just a few final details to finish off and then I’ll need to think about how to base it.

WW31-2 WW31-3 WW31-4 WW31-5 WW31-6

And that’s it for this week. With a bit of look by the of day I’ll have a new washing machine in place and I’ll have started to work on my Butchers again. So have a good week and with a bit of look I’ll have a better update for you next week.


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