Weekly Waffle #32

This week has been something of roller coster for my on the hobby front. I finally started to get my mojo back for painting but had had to spend a couple of day up in Newcastle for work. Then on the way back my right eye started to feel really sore and by Thursday morning I it felt like I had a piece of chopped chilli trapped under my eyelid, which I wouldn’t recommend. After navigating the bureaucracy that is the NHS it turns out I have an ulcer on my eye. Nothing that can’t be sorted but it’s going to be sore fore a while. The only problem is that I have a cream I have to squeeze into my eye four times a day. Anyway now that I’ve shared my sob story it’s onto hobby time.

Like I said at the start I’ve managed to get some work done on the Brewers which has included basing them. There’s still quite a bit of detail to go but just getting them on the bases makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere so hoping to crack on with them in the next week or so. One thing I do need to think about is bear that Stave is spilling, something of a sacrilege if you ask me. Anyway it was Dads birthday this week so he’s agreed to help me do some research on the different colours of beer available.

WW32-4 WW32-5 WW32-6 WW32-7 WW32-8 WW32-9 WW32-10

I’ve also finished off the second of my stadium goals, because lets face it one on it’s own is a bit useless. I’ve also painted up another one of the tokens that came with the kickstarter, this time for the Butchers. And then whilst I was on something of goal run I painted up a couple of simple wooden posts just for the sake of it.

WW32-2 WW32-3 WW32-1

I was also hoping to show you the Guild Ball pitch as well this week but the muppets at Interlink decided that he couldn’t deliver it as planned because he didn’t have my mobile number. Apparently he needed this in case I was in the house to answer my land line. So it’s now in the lap of the gods as when he may decide to try and deliver again. And that’s it for this week.


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