Weekly Waffle #33

Not a great deal to update you on this week so I’m going to cheat and add in lots of pictures. No game club again this week so no gaming to update you and I haven’t been able to get any work done on the brewers this week. As I mentioned last week I’ve got something of a gammy eye and have had to have an eye patch on for most of week. This has had two very distinct effects. On is that it’s made me look I’m making a really poor attempt to be a pirate and the other that with one eye you have no depth perception so I haven’t been able to do the fiddly bit of paint I have left on the Brewers. I have however made a start on cleaning up my Union so that they will be ready for paint. The eye patch came off yesterday so I should be able to start painting again next week. Although I’ll have to see how it feels.

WW33_Union-1 WW33_Union-2 WW33_Union-3

On the positive side I finally managed to convince Interlink that they are useless and to let me go and pick up parcel they had for me. After they tried to deliver it to the wrong address three times. So I finally got my hands on the Guild Ball play mat. The money for this actually came from the our game club so it’s not actually mine but I’m making sure a test it fully before handing it over. I have to say that it is very nice. At £35 it’s not cheap but it’s comparable with other offerings and comes with its own travel case so I would have no problem recommending it.

Now because I didn’t have a great deal to show you this week I’ve laid the mat out. Added my ‘Stadium Goals’, arranged a few teams and then got busy with the camera. These aren’t in game shots but I think it does give a really good feel for what the game looks like when played with painted teams on a nice pitch.

WW33-4 WW33-5 WW33-6 WW33-7 WW33-8 WW33-9 WW33-10 WW33-11 WW33-12 WW33-13

Anyway that’s it for this week. Eye condition permitting I’m hoping to have proper updates for you next week. Hope you all have a good week and for those of you in England and Wales have a good bank holiday weekend. I’ll probably spend some time doing more research for the Brewers!


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