Weekly Waffle #34

So what I have I been up to this week, the simple answer to that is not a lot, but I do have a few updates for you. I know that sounds a bit nonsensical but I’ve had a week off work so I’ve had loads of time on my hands, but rather that try and get loads of things done I’ve just been lazy. Well not totally lazy but I’ve only sat down to paint when I’ve been in the mood. The result of that has been that what time I have spent painting has been quite productive. Just goes to show you can get more done when your heads in the right place.

Anyway before I go onto what I’ve been painting the big news as far as I’m concerned this week has been the announcement of season two for Guild Ball. They have taken what I think is a somewhat unusual approach to this release but I have to say that really like the sound of it. Unlike a lot of other games they are not going to Kick Starter with this release. Instead they are going to do a phased release where they will release a new season two model every two weeks. Starting with a new Fisherman called Sakana which will be out on the 25th of September. According to the information of the web site season two will consist of:

  • 40 new models which will include 8 new captains, 8 new mascots, 9 new players, 7 veteran players and the new Hunters Guild.

  • Season two token sets

  • Campaign packs

  • A Season two rule book.

I personally think this is a really good way to do things. Mainly because I can get a couple of models and month, paint them up and get the into service without being over-faced with new stuff. It also means your not having to stump up a big some of money in one go, now I know you don’t have to buy everything that comes out but I still think it’s a good idea. And it also give me some new content to be working on for the foreseeable future. Also everything that has already been release for season one is fully compatible with what is coming out for season two so you won’t have any redundant models.

So that’s the news from the outside world but has I have I been up to. Well I’ve decided to give myself a break from the Brewers and went on to something different. I’d got to the point where I was just slogging along and not getting anywhere so I’ve had a change and gone onto the Union. And i think it was really good move. I’ve not spent a great deal of time on them but everything I’ve done so far seems to have worked as I wanted it to. Overall I’m really happy with where they are. My plan was always to paint them purple and after seeing my mate Al do his union in blue with a red trim I decided to steal the red trim for mine. The bulk of the work is done for most of the models and it’s now onto these fiddly details that seem to take forever to do but they should be finished off for next week.

WW34-Union-4 WW34-Union-5 WW34-Union-6 WW34-Union-7 WW34-Union-8 WW34-Union-9 WW34-Union-10 WW34-Union-11 WW34-Union-12 WW34-Union-13 WW34-Union-14

I also had a moment of weakness yesterday and pre-ordered the first two models for season two, which are Sakana for the Fishermen (release date of the 25th Sep) and Tenderiser for the Butchers (release date of the 9th Oct). Once you’ve got the bug there’s no turning back.

Well that really was a waffle this week, I hope you enjoyed the update and hope you have a good week.


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