Weekly Waffle #35

Well this week I’ve got something of bumper edition with all the pictures I have for you. Not all my own work but I’ll get to that later. First off we had our first gaming night for a few weeks this week and got absolutely no gaming done. We just sat round drinking cups of tea and talking about the abundance of different games out there and what we were interested in. A couple of interesting things came out of this. The first was Al talking about Frostgrave which is something I’ve had an interest in so we may be looking at this in the not to distant future. This came of the back of a conversation about how a lot of games now a seem to be ‘skirmish’ games, with the large army games not being as prominent. And this is where things got a bit interesting. There was a suggestion that with Games Workshop doing away with Fantasy and moving to the ‘Age of Sigmar’ could this happen to 40K. Now non of us have played 40K for some time now but we still have all our models and I can’t make my mind up if this would be a good thing or not. It would be a way to move the story on but I don’t think the game needs it. And even though I’m not playing it at the moment I do still like the look of it when you get two nice ‘armies’ facing off against each other. But that was just a few of waffling over a cup of tea.

Also on the gaming front I’ve now got a major dilemma. It only takes a look at some of my updates to see that I’m quite into my Guild Ball at the moment. I’ve run a few demo games and Al now has a team with Pete also being interested. But I’ve also been playing quite a lot of X-Wing and because friends jumped on this game when it first came out they now large fleets so it’s been easy to borrow models off them. So that’s what I’ve been doing, using their models when we play X-Wing and getting more Guild Ball. An up until now that has been working. However last weekend marked the passing of another year for me and my mate Pete, who is a big X-Wing player got me a really nice birthday present, my very own YT-2400. I was absolutely made up with this and then the reality hit home, I now have the start of my own X-Wing collection, the bubble had burst so now I need more. The list of ships that I like is really quite long so this could really be my down fall. The bank manager isn’t going to be happy.

So onto the hobby front this week. As I mentioned above I now have my own YT-2400 and whilst the X-Wing ships come pre-painted, and nicely painted at that, I felt like I want to really make mine my own. So it was out with a few paints for a bit of customisation. Nothing to fancy here, mainly because I had no idea if any of this would work and I didn’t want to ruin a really nice model. So I added some green to a few of the panels simply because I like the look, I then re-painted the glass in the cockpit and added a bit of colour to the engine. So nothing overboard but I just thought it would make it a bit different to all the other YT-2400’s out there.

YT-2400-1 YT-2400-2 YT-2400-3 YT-2400-4 YT-2400-5 YT-2400-6 YT-2400-7 YT-2400-8

Next up it’s back to Guild Ball and this week I’ve managed to finish off most of my Union models, still have Minx to finish and I haven’t yet got hold of Rage, Fangtooth or Decimate so not quite a full complement yet. I’ve used purple on some Batman miniatures in the past so I had good idea of how I wanted them to turn out and all things considered I’m happy with the end result. I kept the bases the same as I’ve used on all the other teams just because I want to keep things nice an tidy. So here you have the Union (so far).

Union-1 Union-2 Union-3 Union-4 Union-5 Union-6 Union-7 Union-8 Union-9 Union-10 Union-11 Union-12 Union-13 Union-14 Union-15 Union-16 Union-17 Union-18 Union-19 Union-20 Union-21 Union-22 Union-23 Union-24 Union-25 Union-26 Union-27 Union-28 Union-29 Union-30 Union-31 Union-32 Union-33 Union-34 Union-35 Union-36 Union-37 Union-38 Union-39 Union-40

But wait for it, not content with just one Union team this week I have two Union teams to show you courtesy of Al. He has finished off his team and whilst like me he still has a few model to get to fill out his roster this is going to be his main team for now. A nice thing for you guys is that the models I’m missing, namely Rage, Fangtooth and Decimate are in his line up. So between the two of us the only model that is missing at the moment is Minx. Al has gone for a blue and red colour scheme for his team, which was the inspiration for mine and I think you will agree that he’s done a cracking job of them. He even has a nice pile of treasure as his custom goal.

WW35-Als Union-2 WW35-Als Union-3 WW35-Als Union-4 WW35-Als Union-5 WW35-Als Union-6 WW35-Als Union-7 WW35-Als Union-9 WW35-Als Union-9 WW35-Als Union-10 WW35-Als Union-11 WW35-Als Union-12 WW35-Als Union-13 WW35-Als Union-14 WW35-Als Union-15 WW35-Als Union-16 WW35-Als Union-17 WW35-Als Union-18 WW35-Als Union-19 WW35-Als Union-20 WW35-Als Union-21 WW35-Als Union-22 WW35-Als Union-23 WW35-Als Union-24 WW35-Als Union-25 WW35-Als Union-26 WW35-Als Union-27

But that’s not all from Al this week he’s also finished off another Grim for his Pulp City collection in the form of the Grimmancer. This is another range of models I really like.

WW35-Grims-1 WW35-Grims-2 WW35-Grims-3 WW35-Grims-4

And that’s it for this weeks bumper edition. After all of that I’m not sure what I’ll have next week, I’ve still got my brewers to finish off, I’ve got Minx to finish for the Union and then I think it will be time to start on the Masons. So lets just see what the week brings. Have a good one and hope you’ll be back next week.


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