Weekly Waffle #36

This week has continued the roller coaster of hobby ups and downs. At work on Tuesday morning to be told that I need to go to Newcastle for three days, nothing wrong with that but it puts a dent in my painting time. Not to mention that I would mean I would miss out on gaming night and a game of X-wing I had arranged with Pete. Well it keeps the bank manager at bay and at least I didn’t lose.

But even though I’ve spent some time away I have managed to get some hobby time in although it has been very eclectic. First up I was trawling through some boxes looking for that special something when I came across a model I had forgotten I’d even bought. And it’s about as far removed from my Guild Ball odyssey as it’s possible to be. What we have here is a Scriber SF Roman that I had originally purchased to go along with my Ultramarine army but never got round to painting. Now I’m not playing 40k anymore, and haven’t for some time, but something about this just screamed out to painted. So I decided to try and do the main colours, blue and red in this case, with the airbrush and I have to say I’m happy with how it’s turning out. I don’t have the skill or the confidence to do any more with airbrush but it was nice to go a bit more than basecoat and shade, which is what I normally do before switching to a brush.

WW-36-1 WW-36-2 WW-36-3 WW-36-4 WW-36-5 WW-36-6 WW-36-7 WW-36-8

Guild Ball hasn’t been completely neglected though and I’ve started work on Midas. I know I already have one version of him but the one I have is the Kickstarter one and I think the normal is much more dynamic so had to get him. That and the fact I would like to try and have an example of all the models available. So fare I have only got as far as starting on the block colours but it’s a start. I’ve also made a little bit more progress with Mix so for the sake adding a few more images I thought I’d throw that in as well.

WW-36-9 WW-36-10 WW-36-11 WW-36-12 WW-36-13 WW-36-14 WW-36-15  WW-36-16

And finally for this week I have been doing some work on a piece of terrain. This has been on the go for a long time now so I thought I would try and get going with it again. It’s a church we got for Wild West Exodus but I’s so large it just seems to take forever to paint. This week I have been working on the window and starting to highlight the roof tiles. I’m not sure where we got this from but my advise to any out there would be to look for pre-painted stuff first. Even after I had sealed this with watered down PVA it still soaked up paint and time. It came at a good price but I just think that when you take into account the amount of paint you need to use and the time it takes going for something like the 4ground pre-painted stuff is well worth the extra money. Anyway here’s what I’ve got done so far.

WW-36-17 WW-36-18 WW-36-19

And that’s it for this this week. I know that over the next five weeks or so I’m likely to be spending quite a bit of time in Newcastle for work so I’m not sure how much hobby time I will get but with a bit of planning it shouldn’t get in the way to much. Have a good week and hope to see you all again next week.


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