Weekly Waffle #37

After last week’s bumper edition this week was always to going to be a challenge. There was no game night this so that rules out any gaming updates I might have been able to bring you. On top of that as I mentioned last week I’ve had to spend some time in Newcastle so that could have thrown a spanner in the works. However I’ve become something of an expert now at making the most of my time way, well when I can be bothered. And this week I’ve been bothered.

So on the hobby front I’ve spent a couple nights in the hotel room, as opposed to the hotel bar, cleaning up and prepping models. To be precise I’ve cleaned up the Masons team for Guild Ball. That a total of eight models, because I have two different version of Harmony. Then once I was back home I managed to get them primed, pre-shaded and made a start on the colour. Granted it’s only a bit of blue but it’s a start.


WW-37-8 WW-37-9 WW-37-10 WW-37-11 WW-37-12 WW-37-13 WW-37-14 WW-37-15


I’ve also used the last of my green stuff to make the base inserts for them and I literally just had enough. It’s amazing who quickly I’ve gone through 6 feet of the stuff. I’ve got a really clear picture in my head about how I want these to look once they are finished so I’m hopeful that even having to spend time away from home it won’t take me to long to get them finished. I’m thinking that I could them done in a couple of weeks. So we’ll find out if I’m right when we get to #39.

Also on the Guild Ball front session two kicks off today with the release of ??? and being the good player that he is he reported for duty with the post man yesterday. And here he is in all of his blistered beauty.

WW-37-7 WW-37-6 WW-37-1 WW-37-3 WW-37-4

And that’s it for this week. I’m now going to go away and worry about the ruby tonight. Which will probably be followed by an amount of alcohol pertinent to the result. In other words whichever way the game goes I’ll be suffering tomorrow.


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