Weekly Waffle #38

I managed to get some gaming in this week. Well I say gaming I actually got a pasting but I’ll get onto that in a minute. Also introduced someone else to the joys of Guild Ball, had a trip to the sea side and got a bit more painting done.

So gaming wise it was games night on Tuesday and I had a small game (I think about 60 points) of X wing. This gave me a chance to give my new YT-2400 a run around, and over a few asteroids. My mate Pete turned up for the fight with a Decimator so all things considered it was a fairly even fight. Or so I thought. It started off well and managed to knock down the shields on the Decimator and was doing some damage to the hull. Then it started to fight back with some sneaky mercenary and non other than the Emperor himself. It was bad enough when hits turn into crits, but when blanks turned into crits I knew I was in trouble. A bit of tactical error on my part and all of sudden my new shiny YT-2400 is nothing more than a cloud of scrap metal. So I’m going to have to come up with a better plan for next time.

On the Guild Ball front I sorted out a game between Al and his lad, Tom. Tom’s first game but he’s already ordered a Butchers team so he got use them and Al was using the Fishermen. I can’t tell you how the game ended because I had to go before they finished but if Al reads this maybe he could add a comment with the result,. One thing I do know is that Tom was set on winning by beating the living daylights out of the Fishermen so it will be interesting to see how that tactic worked.

On the hobby front I’ve managed to get a bit more done on the masons with all the basic block colours done but I need to step my game up and work a bit harder. I seems that now the nights are setting in earlier I robs me of some of my mojo. Should really be the other way round were you get loads of work done in the winter and then enjoy the long summer nights. Anyway this is where I’m up to so I will put a bit more effort in for next week and hopefully have a bit more noticeable progression.

WW-38-1 WW-38-2 WW-38-3 WW-38-4 WW-38-5 WW-38-6 WW-38-7 WW-38-8

Have a good weekend and see you next week.


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