Weekly Waffle #39

I think we’re in for another waffle again this week. I don’t know what it is but I’m really struggling to find any motivation to actually get anything done at the moment. Don’t get me wrong I get myself all set up to do some painting, I know what I want to get done, I’ve got a few tunes on and I’m feeling good but I just can’t seem to move on from there. The dark nights don’t help but as I’ve said before this should be the best time to paint because there’s nothing else to do. And that’s another point, it’s not that I’m too busy doing something else I’m just sat there with a paint brush in my hand.

Anyway waffle over let’s try and be more positive. Game night this week saw me not playing anything, but that’s not a bad thing. By the time I turned up Al had already set up a new game and was going through the rules. I’ve love to tell you what it was called but I don’t know. My quick description is that it looks a bit like zombiside but with ninja’s and the guards they are fighting against are controlled by another player as opposed to an AI style deck. Very vague I know but it was fun to watch someone else trying to pick up a new game, especially when that someone is Ken. I’ll find out what the game is called for next week and I’ll try and get some pictures for you but it does look like a fun game.

There was another momentous event on game night; in fact it was so momentous that I think they Earth may have paused in its orbit. A true once in a life time even. Tom (Al’s son) actually made a brew. And a very good brew at that, tea with two sugars. He may have found his true calling.

So on the hobby front I haven’t managed to get the Masons finished, in fact I’ve not managed to do much more than dumbly stare at them hoping something will change.


I have got the bases painted and I’ve got some more Army Painter Meadow Flowers to go on the so I’m all set on that front. For next week I will have the Masons based even if they aren’t completely finished.


Keeping with the Guild Ball theme and as if I haven’t go enough on table at the moment I’ve had another delivery from Steamforged Games in the form of ‘Tenderiser’. The first of the season two models for the Butchers. I wanted to share this with you so I haven’t even had time to clean it.

WW-39-2 WW-39-3 WW-39-4

And here we have the stats card. I’m still not a fan of the new card layout but I’ll get used to in time and he does have some very nice traits and plays.

WW-39-5 WW-39-6

I’ve also gone back to my Brewers and made a tiny tiny bit of progress by adding some flames to Stoker.

WW-39-7 WW-39-8

So thats it of this week, keep on playing and see you next week.


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