Weekly Waffle #41

So then, I feel another wandering waffle coming on again this week with something of an eclectic mix for you this week. Game night again this week but unfortunately I missed it. Went out the car on Tuesday night only to find that the battery was dead and it wouldn’t start. Car hadn’t been used for a week so it was a bit of pain. Anyway I didn’t need it again until Friday so Dad to the rescue with some jump leads on Thursday night and things are working again. Top and bottom of it though is that I now don’t trust it to start when I need it so will need to think about getting a new battery. So other than missing gaming night what has this to do with gaming. Simple, if I need a new battery that is taking money away from my hobby. Not the end of the world I know but I then got me thinking about a few things hence the waffle part.

So on the gaming front whilst I’ve finishing off the Masons for Guild Ball I’ve been dabbling with something a bit new for me. I’ve been really liking the some of the new stuff that has been coming out for the Tau in 40K. Now it’s been a long time since I played 40k and when I did play I always played Orks but do like these new Tau. So I had a rummage through my bits box and came up with a few Tau that I got when they were originally released, and decided to see what they would look like painted up. I only had the bits to paint up a few fire warriors but I also had a blister of stealth suits. My plan was to try a colour scheme that I could paint quickly so I sued the airbrush to do most of the work with edge highlights and detail done with a brush. Overall I’m quite happy with them although I think the stealth suit looks best for being a bit darker.

WW-41 Tau-1 WW-41 Tau-2 WW-41 Tau-3 WW-41 Tau-4 WW-41 Tau-5 WW-41 Tau-6

And this is where the waffle really kicks in. The price on the blister for the stealth suites was £5. That’s for two metal miniatures. That got me thinking about how much the new plastic stealth suites would cost, so I when to Element Games to have a look. The answer is a box of three plastic stealth suites now cost £13.60, so and increase of £8.60 but you do get an extra miniature. This sort of back up the feeling that GW models are expensive. So with the Tau bug still floating around in my head I thought I’d have a look at how much some fire warriors would cost. The new box will allow you to make up 10 fire warriors with options for them to be a strike team a breacher team, along with 2 drones and a weapons platform, so that’s 13 models. All of that for £24 and you will probably have some bits left over to go in a bits box. So not really that cheap but I would say that GW make some of the nicest plastic models out there. Now compare that to some Malifaux models. And I chose these because they also make fantastic plastic models. The Colette Crew – Smoke & Mirrors is £30.59 and you get 6 main figures and 3 clockwork doves, so 9 models in total. Now I know I know it’s hard to compare but on the face of it the GW box isn’t as expensive and it may first appear. You get more models in the box, it’s cheaper and you will have extra parts for other projects. But the difference is the Colette Crew gives you all the models you need to play a game where as the Tau box is only dipping your toe in the pond of what you will need.

So what am trying to say here. Honest answer is that I don’t really know. I really like the new Tau stuff and really want to get some but I just know that I wouldn’t stay the course to build a full army. So I’d rather get the Colette Crew, have fun painting them and know I could use them straight away. Then move onto the next project, even though box for box GW is probably the cheaper option. So there you go a proper waffle with no real point.

Now after that on to something that makes a bit more sense. I’ve finally finished off my Masons. They took me a bit longer that I had originally planned but overall they were nice to paint. Nothing too fancy for them but I think they suite that that quite clean business like scheme.

Masons-34 Masons-25 Masons-16 Masons-32 Masons-1 Masons-6 Masons-9 Masons-21 Masons-17 Masons-33

I think I need a change of theme for my next project so I’m going to give Guild Ball painting miss for a couple of week and try something different. I’ve got a couple of things lined up so I think it will just be a bit of pot luck what I have next week.

Hope you have a good week and will catch up with you all next week. 


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