Weekly Waffle #43

No game night this week, Al has been off on his jollies to visit friends in Spain so it’s given me a bit of chance to do some painting. I’ve given up on my Showgirls ever turning up so I’ve picked up the Kaeris box to get a fix of Malifaux. It’s been a while since I painted any Malifaux and I’d forgotten what pain they can be to put together. But they are fantastic models so well worth the effort. This crew consists of Kaeris, 3 Fire Gamins, Eternal Flame and Firestarter. I’ve made a start on all of them and have really enjoyed painting them so far.

WW43 Malifaux-1 WW43 Malifaux-2 WW43 Malifaux-3 WW43 Malifaux-4 WW43 Malifaux-5 WW43 Malifaux-6

Keeping with the painting theme Red Steel Preston are running their Steel Daemon painting competition again this year on the 5th of December. It promises to be a really good day so if you are in the Preston area I would strongly recommend you enter or at least pop in for a look. The event itself will be held at Harlequin’s Games and runs between 10:00 and 16:00 with four different categories which are; Single Miniature, Squad/Unit/Regiment, Large Monster and Vehicle. You can find more details on their Website here. I will certainly be going along although I don’t know what I will be entering. With them being a local club I think it’s really important to support the event so I will look to try and enter something in each of the categories just to make up the numbers.

I’ve also set myself something of a silly challenge and have no idea if I can pull it off in time. I wanted to try and make a bit of special effort for the Steel Daemon so I have ordered two new models this week. One for the Single miniature category and one for the Vehicle Category. Now I’ve only got four weeks to get them ready and that includes waiting for them to arrive. I’m not going to spoil the surprise by saying what they are yet but they are a bit I like them and have been waiting for an excuse to get them and this is it.


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