Weekly Waffle #45

Game night this week was mainly taken up being top notch geeks and planning what we wanted to do at Adepticon next year. With tickets going on sale on Monday at 20:00 Central Time, which works out at 02:00 Tuesday morning in the UK, I wanted to know what everyone wanted me to book. So I now have a list of games and events that everyone wants to attend but still leaves us lots of time for a general look around and maybe even a bit of drinking. Who am I kidding, lots of drinking. Next step is to see if I can actually book everything that we want to do. I may even do a mid-week update just about Adepticon to let you all know how it went.

On the hobby front I have been working on the models I want to paint up for the Steel Daemon event in a few weeks’ time. As I showed you last week all the models have now arrived and since then I have managed to build them all up, prime them and make a start on actually painting them. Of the three I’ve made the most progress painting up the Thing, from Knight Models Batman range. I’ve made a custom street base for him so that he isn’t overhanging the sides which I think should work quite nicely for him. Trying to keep the orange stone feel in the highlights has been a challenge but I think it’s turning out ok. It still has a way to go but I’m happy with it so far. Next up will be some extra bits of litter adding to the base and some weathering, I also need to finish off his shorts but it’s getting there.

WW45-1 WW45-2 WW45-3 WW45-4 WW45-5

Eva and Ike were fiddly to put together but worth the effort. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t come with a base but that was easy to remedy. I’ve done all of the grey on this with the airbrush and I’ve made a start on weathering it by trying to add some chipping to it. My plan is to try some weathering techniques that I’ve not done before so with only a couple of weeks to go before it needs to be finished it could all go wrong but I’m going to give it a go anyway.

WW45-6 WW45-7 WW45-8 WW45-9

The last one is the “Greater Good Deep Strike Veteran Ranger” which is a Tau by any other name, just not from GW. I really like the look of this model and the quality is absolutely fantastic. I’ve only just started on this at the moment and have blocked in the main colours so that I can get a feel for things. This one has the most work remaining but I have really good idea of how I want it to look so I’m confident I can get this done in time.

WW45-10 WW45-11 WW45-12 WW45-13

I think that for the squad entry I will probably take my Wild West Exodus Lawmen Deputies. Just because I think they will be a bit different and it will mean that I’ve taken something from a different game system for each entry. On the Wild West Exodus front I’m pushing Al to finish off his Legendary Jessy James so he can enter that and it’s looking good so far.

That’s it for this week but I’ll have an update on Adepticon mid-week. Have a good weekend and I’ll more for you next week.


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