The Road to Adepticon #2


Well it’s been a while since I did my first update about going to Adepticon next year but there’s not been much to report since then. Until now that is. Tickets (or badges) went on sale this morning at two o’clock and I was waiting armed with a list of events and seminars we wanted to attend along with my credit card to try and book everything.

Two hours later and much frustration we now have tickets and some of the events we wanted to attend. The whole process was an exercise in frustration not helped with it being two in the morning and me be really tiered by then. The start of the process went well but once I got to the part where I had to pay it kept telling me that some events were oversubscribed. That’s understandable but you then had to back through the whole process to remove that item manually. Not to bad if your booking for yourself but when booking for three other that turns into a big job.

Anyway in the end I did manage to get the tickets and some of the events. Now that I’ve had a couple of hours of sleep and more importantly a good cup of coffee and being pragmatic a big part of this trip for me is just the fact that a few friends are going away for a bit of fun. So a bit frustration now will just end up being something to look back on and laugh at.

So that’s another step closer, we now have the ticks and accommodation, all we need to do now is figure out how to get there. Well we don’t actually need to figure it out because the only real option is to fly there, so we just need to book the flights. I’m hoping someone else will pick up that baton but let’s wait and see.


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