Weekly Waffle #46

No game night this week but as I posted during the week I did spend Tuesday morning sat in front of the computer trying to book tickets for Adepticon next year. And at 02:00 in the morning it turned out to be an exercise in frustration. I did manage to book the tickets in the end but it took a grand total of two hours and I didn’t manage to book all the games and hobby seminars everyone wanted. Now that I’ve had chance to sleep on it I can’t be too disappointed but at the time I was nearly crying. Everything went well until I got to the checkout, at which point it turned into a disaster. Some things we wanted to do were already booked up but automatically went into a wish list, ok with that, but some showed as being available. In the time it took to move from the schedule to the cart check out some things must have become booked up. So when you check out it won’t let you pay until you remove these items. Now booking for four people it meant going back into each schedule. Finding the item and then selecting add to wish list. All ok once you know that but it took a lot of faffing about to figure it out. Which resulted in more things being booked up and more changes being required. In the end it took me two hours but we do now have tickets to the event and some of the games we wanted to take part in.

If I was to have to do it all again I don’t think it would be anywhere near as frustrating. But I’m not going to be all negative. It’s a mammoth undertaking on the part of the organisers to put this event on and I wouldn’t know where to start with setting up a booking system so hats off to them for doing it in the first place. Another way of looking at things is to say that whilst we didn’t get all the things we wanted to do it gives us more time to look around and take part in some of drop in games that you don’t need to book. So there is more chance now that we will find something new to try, or failing that spend some more time in the bar. All we need to do now is sort out the flights and were ready to go.

On the hobby front I’ve been continuing to work on the model I want to enter into Steel Daemon next week and whilst I’ve made some good progress I’ve still got a long way to go. To start things off the Thing is just about finished. I just need to do a few final highlights along with a little bit of weathering and I think that will do it for him.

WW46-9 WW46-10 WW46-11 WW46-12


Eve & Ike have also seen some good progress over the last week. I’ve managed to finish off the base and Ike, minus his head and I’ve made a good start on Eve. So I’m reasonably confident that I will have them ready for next week. The best thing about this part of the progress for me is that I’ve tried a lot of things that I’ve never done on a model before. That has been to use a combination of enamel filters and washes as part of the weathering process and overall I’m quite happy with the result. Still have a lot to learn but it’s something I will certainly be looking to add to the tool box.

WW46-1 WW46-2 WW46-3 WW46-4

WW46-5 WW46-6 WW46-7 WW46-8

The last of trio I have been working on is the Greater Good Deep Strike Veteran and I’ve not done much with this in the last week. So it’s going to be the main focus of what I work on this week. Having painted up a few test pieces a few weeks ago I’m reasonable confident that I can get it finished for next week but I’ll have to make sure I stay focused and don’t get sucked into something on Netflix whilst I’m painting.

WW46-13 WW46-14 WW46-15 WW46-16

A couple of other things this for this week are that I have purchased my first Windsor & Newton series 7 paint brush. I’ve been using some Games and Gears brushes for the past year or so and have really liked them. When the tip finally went on my small brush they were my first port of call for a replacement. But they don’t appear to offer single brushes; it’s a new set or nothing. So with all my other brushes being fine at the moment I needed something different and decided to give this fabled creation a go. It turned up at the start of the week and I don’t really know what to say about it. It has a nice point and for a small brush holds a decent amount of paint, it’s also nice to use. Time will tell how it holds up but I’m happy with it.

I’ve also started to dabble with Google+ this week and there is method in my madness. The key thing I’m looking at are Google Events. In theory I can set up an event and then set my phone up so that any pictures I take will automatically update the gallery in the event. Or that’s the theory. I’m going to give it a go at the Red Steel event next week to see if can actually get it to work. If I can the idea would then be to set one up for Adepticon next year so that I any of the four of us who are going can update the gallery as they go. In theory a nice way to share the experience in a chronologically arranged gallery with no messing about. Of cores that’s the theory, whether or not I can actually get it to work is another thing. But I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks.

And that’s it for this week, back to painting, have a good week and hope to catch you again next week.


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