Weekly Waffle #48

At the weekend a few of us came up with a plan for next year. Nothing special just a way to try and get a few more games in. So we’ve decided that January is going to be Wild West Exodus month, followed by Malifaux in February and then something new for March with Frost Grave. As a bit of inspiration we’ve set up a bit of challenge to have crews painted for everything and to make sure we don’t slack off there is forfeit for anyone who doesn’t have their models ready. But I’ll go into a bit more detail about that later.

It was the Red Steel, Steel Daemon Painting competition on Saturday and both myself and Al entered. Al came away with gold for his Wild West Exodus Jessie James in the single miniature category.


WW48-33 WW48-32

WW48-28 WW48-29 WW48-30 WW48-31

I managed to pick up two bronze’s with The Thing in the large miniature section and with my Fishermen, a last minute change, in the squad category. All in all it was a good day and a chance to catch up with some people I haven’t seen for a while. Here a few pictures from the day.

WW48-1 WW48-2 WW48-3 WW48-4 WW48-5 WW48-6 WW48-7 WW48-8 WW48-9 WW48-10 WW48-11 WW48-12 WW48-13 WW48-14 WW48-15 WW48-16 WW48-17 WW48-18

Saturday also saw the creation of what will forever more be known as the ‘Special Brew’ challenge. For reasons that escape explanation Pete has had a can of ‘Special Brew’ in his fridge for as long as anyone can remember, now for anyone who doesn’t know what that is all you need to know is that it’s probably the worst beer ever produced. So how does this fit in with gaming. Simple, we have set a challenge to have a Malifaux crew painted and ready to play with for the beginning of February and February will then be our Malifaux month. But it doesn’t stop there; we also have to have a Frost Grave crew painted up for the beginning of March so that March can be our Frost Grave month. If anyone fails to have a crew painted in time they will have to drink the can of Special Brew. I for one do not intend to fail in this challenge. At the moment myself, Al and Pete are all singed up to this but it’s open to anyone else who wants to join in.

On the hobby front I’ve not done much this week. Mainly doing odd bits of jobs for other people. I’ve made a set of bases for Gaz that he is going to use with his chicken knights (Ridend) for Relics.


I’ve also primed an eclectic selection of models for Al ranging from Minions to an Infinity TAG.

WW48-20 WW48-21 WW48-22 WW48-24 WW48-25 WW48-26

And that was it. A bit of slow down following three weeks of manic painting but I’m sure I’ll pick the pace up again next week. Have a good week and hope to see you all again next week.


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