Weekly Waffle #49

No game night this week so it gave me a bit more hobby time but I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. With the ‘Special Brew Challenge’ looming in the background I haven’t picked up a paint brush this week. Instead I’ve gone back to a bit of scratch building and started work on my ‘Grot Stompa’ again. This basically came about following on the Red Steel event where both Ben and Al said that there was no chance of me having it finished for Christmas (2016), so I’m going to prove them wrong. I’ve shown some of the pictures before but as a bit of recap this is what I have managed to do so far.

WW49-1 WW49-2 WW49-3 WW49-4 WW49-5 WW49-6 WW49-7 WW49-8 WW49-9 WW49-10 WW49-11 WW49-12 WW49-13 WW49-14 WW49-15 WW49-16

Which at first glance looks like it just needs a pair of arms and that’s it. But it’s taken me about eighteen months to get this far so I think there’s still a lot of work left in it. But feeling inspired I’ve made a start on what is going to be the gun arm, drawing my inspiration from a three barrelled cannon I’ve seen on line somewhere. After a rummage through my bits box I’ve come up with the basic build for the gun. The plan being to build the weapon and then to work out how to make it fit the rest of the model.

WW49-17 WW49-18 WW49-19 WW49-20 WW49-21

No whilst I like how things are going it didn’t feel quite right somehow, it didn’t look like it would pack enough of a punch for a ‘Stompa’. With it already being built I couldn’t really make it any larger, but I could add more of them. So in true grot fashion I’ve added two more, there just seemed something logical in having three, three barrelled cannons. Well it seemed logical to me.

WW49-22 WW49-23 WW49-24

The next steps will be to finish off the details on the guns themselves and then to work out some sort of frame to mount them all on. Then once I have them all together as a single unit I will build an arm that will allow me to mount them onto the rest of the model. Each gun will also receive a flexible ammo feed that will connect to the main body of the ‘Stomp’ so that I looks like it can carry a massive amount of ammo.

I’m also thinking of adding on some armour plates and shoulder pad type fittings that will give me some additional mounting points for other weapons, such as rokkits. But I want to wait and see how it looks with the gun arm mounted before I make a final decision. I’ve also got a few ideas for a close combat arm design which is basically a large power klaw with circular saw discs embedded in it. What I will end up with though is any-bodies guess because whilst I start with an idea I tend to just go with what I think feels right at the time.

Well that’s it for this week. We’re having a Christmas get together tonight which really means me Al and Pete all going to the pub, although everyone is welcome, so nothing much will get done tomorrow. So have good weekend, have a good Christmas, whatever you are doing and I’ll be back with another waffle next week.


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