Weekly Waffle #51

Well it’s been a really weird week this week, I always find that week between Christmas and New Year to be like that. No gaming this week with everyone having other commitments but I did spend some time with Al helping him to resolve some issues he had at home in his cellar were we game. We basically needed to move some shelving units and it’s the sort of job that’s easier with a bit of help. It also got us thinking that it might be a good idea to reorganise things a bit and to give the place a lick of paint. So we might not get much gaming done for a week or two whilst we sort things out. Sort of a new year new start type of thing.

On the gaming front I’ve finally got round to adding some new models to my Wild West Exodus crew. I’ve go t a couple of new Bosses in the form of Pat Garrett, who will add a bit of range to my crew, which I think it is lacking at the moment.


I’ve also got the Legendary Wyatt Earp which is a fantastic model and he comes with a couple of H311-K9 puppies.

WW51-1 WW51-4 WW51-3 WW51-2

And last but not least I’ve got a box of Rangers which gives me another option when it comes to the Hired Hands. These are really nice models and in game terms are bit more survivable than the basic deputies.

WW51-6 WW51-7

So all in all it’s been a bit of quite week but I have managed to get a few things done. I’m not going to make any bold statements for the year ahead, but I am going to try and make a dint in the pile of unpainted minis I have. That doesn’t mean I’m not going get anything new until they are painted, oh no, just that I’m going to try and get some of them painted whilst looking for the next shiny thing.

Anyway that’s it for today and I hope to catch you all again next week.


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