Weekly Waffle #52

I’ve hit something of milestone with today’s update being number 52 which means the site has now been going for a full year. In fact the first pose was made on the 9th of January last year and I must admit I’ve surprised myself that I’ve kept this up. When I originally set up the site I only set the domain up on a three month contract just to see how things went. Needless to say it’s been updated since then and with a bit of luck I’ll be able to keep things going for another year.

So what do I have for the start of a new year, the answer, not a lot. No gaming this week as Al still has work on-going at home and I’ve had something of an unusual week on the work front so I haven’t managed to get a great deal done. But I do have some content for you and quite a few pictures.

First up is something of a cheat but I’m claiming it as a hobby success and that is that I have expanded my X-Wing Fleet. On the rebel front I have added the Aces box and another A-wing, so I now have two A-Wings and two B-Wings to go alongside my YT-2400 opening up some new options for me.

WW52-4 WW52-1 WW52-2 WW52-3 WW52-5 WW52-6 WW52-7 WW52-8

Still on the X-Wing front I have also started on a Scum list by getting my hands on a YV-666 light freighter (the Hounds Tooth) and a Kihraxz Fighter. These two easily give me enough point options to run a 100 pint list. More importantly for me it means I now have the option for two completely different lists. I’m toying with giving the YV-666 a new paint scheme but for now it’s just as it came out of the box.

WW52-9 WW52-10 WW52-11 WW52-12 WW52-14 WW52-15 WW52-16 WW52-17 WW52-18

I’ve also been working on my Wild West Exodus collection and if I can remember to take pictures at each stage I will also do a full painting guide for them. At the moment is only just started on the rangers but I have made a bit more progress with the H311-K9’s with the base colours finished and I’m now working on highlights and details. Although they still have way to go I think you can get a good feel for how they will end up looking.

WW52-19 WW52-20 WW52-21 WW52-22 WW52-23 WW52-24 WW52-25 WW52-26

And that’s been it for this week. A bit on the slow side but slow and steady is good, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Have a good week and hope to catch you all again next week.


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