Weekly Waffle #54

Well I’ve still not managed to shake off the hobby blues although game night was back on this week. Me and Al had arranged to have a game of Wild West Exodus but that went a bit astray. He’s got the rules through for the tournament he has entered at Adepticon so he wanted to play with these rules. Only problem was I didn’t’ have enough points, because I couldn’t use my hired hands. So after a lot of talking Pete turned up and we ended up playing ‘Get Bit!’. It’s really simple but really good fun. Essentially you are all pirates whose ship has sunk and you are trying to swim for shore, but there is a shark chasing you. If you are at the back of the pack the shark will take a bite out of you. Lose all four limbs and the shark has you. We had six players and it was really good fun, highly recommended.

On a slightly different note for the last six years or so as a club we have arranged a charity event in support of a children’s hospice called Derian House. Previously we have run a large twenty four hour apocalypse game and it’s usually all been arranged at the last minute. But this year we are having a bit of change. Al has secured a venue for the first weekend in September so will actually have some time to plan for this year’s event. We have also decided to change the format this year so instead of a twenty four hour apocalypse game we are going to run a two day event which will be aimed at introducing people to new games. So the idea will be that anyone can drop in, pay a pound, with every penny going to charity, and have a go at either a new game or an old favourite. I’ll put more details up on here as we get nearer to the date and there will also be lots more information on Da Cella Boyz web site. But if you find yourselves in the Clayton (near Blackburn) area on that first weekend in September why not drop in and have a look.

On the hobby front I’ve tried to get some of my mojo back by concentrating on the H311-K9’s. My thinking being that by finishing these I get a small win, because they will be the first models I have completed this year, whilst at the same time they are building up my Wild West Exodus force. The other bonus from finishing these is that I now have enough points to give Al a game using these funny rules he wants to try out.


WW54-4 WW54-5 WW54-6 WW54-7 WW54-8 WW54-9 WW54-10 WW54-11

In other news I’ve pick up some more bases for my next Malifaux crew so again I’m hoping these will help build up the mojo and get me painting a bit more.


I’ve also manage managed to finish off my Guild Ball dice collection by getting hold of a set of Masons dice. So whichever team I use I now have the dice to go along with them. Guess I need to start thinking about getting about some more token sets next.

WW54-2 WW54-3

Also on the Guild Ball front Al has booked me into an event at the North West Gaming Centre in May. I don’t know much more than that at the moment, other than I owe him an undisclosed sum of money for the ticket. I’ll find out more about what I’ve let myself in for over the weekend and I’ll update you next week.

That’s if for now then. Have a good weekend, enjoy the week ahead and hope to see you all back here next week.


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