Weekly Waffle #55

Not a particularly long update for this week there was no game night this week so I’ve had a little more hobby time. As I seem to have hit something of a road block with my Wild West Exodus I’ve turned back to the world of Wyred this week to finish off my Kaeris Malifaux Crew. I’ve done these a bit about face by finishing the bases before I finished the models themselves. I’m coming to the conclusion that I really like making and painting bases, although I didn’t make these. It’s just one of those things that I find a quick win that then sort of inspires me to crack on with other things. So these are bases that I am going to be using for Kaeris and her crew.

WW55-1 WW55-2 WW55-3 WW55-4 WW55-5

And I think that working on the bases has paid off for me. Because this crew was part of our January Special Brew Challenge if they are not done by game night on Tuesday I will have to drink a can of Special Brew as a forfeit. So I’ve been working hard on them this week because I have no intention of having to face that forfeit. Now as I go to press with this update they aren’t quite finished, but they are not that far from being ready. Everything is based and I’m reasonably happy with them as they are but there are some things I need to finish off and tweak before I will be happy to call them finished. But importantly I’m happy that they will be finished in time.


WW55-6 WW55-7 WW55-8 WW55-9 WW55-10 WW55-11 WW55-12 WW55-13 WW55-14 WW55-15 WW55-16 WW55-17

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time this week working on the club web site. As I mentioned last week we are going to be running another charity event this year so I have re-visited the www.dacellaboyz.co.uk web site, which hasn’t been updated for some time now. There’s not a lot that is visible yet but I’ve managed to build a survey so we can get feedback on the games we plan to play along with a booking form so that people can pre-register for the event. Both are in beta at the moment but seem to be working so you can expect them to go live in the next month or so. I’ve also linked the site into the existing Twitter feed so that one content is added it will appear on both platforms. I’m also working on linking the site to the clubs Facebook page but because I didn’t set up the page this will take a little bit more work. I’m hoping that these changes may spur some of the other club members to produce some content so we will see how things go.

There site also has details of how people can join in the February Special Brew Challenge to paint up a Frostgrave warband for anyone who fancies a challenge.

Anyway that’s it for this week, have a good weekend and happy gaming.


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