Weekly Waffle #56

This week’s update actually started on Sunday morning with a six way x-wing game with each of us having 50 points. I was unimaginative and took Outrider and ended up facing off against to Y-666’s from Pete and Corrie, Al had a single E-wing, Stanners had an IG-2000 and Mike had a pair of Y-wings. I had a really good day and managed to get the first kill after Pete had been shot up by everyone else, dashing in to take the glory. It didn’t last though as I took a bit of a beating but was still there at the end. We ran out time in the end and the win went to Mike.

Tuesday night game night and the unveil of our Special Brew challenge, on painted Malifaux crew. Al when with Von Shill, Pete went with Hoffman and I went with Kaeris. Al was convinced Pete wouldn’t have his finished, based on the fact that he only ordered them last week, but he pulled through and we ended up with three fully painted crews.

WW56-5 WW56-4 WW55-18

For Tuesday night’s gaming we launched our Malifaux month we me and Al starting a game. Although we have both played before it’s been a long time so it was always going to a steep learning curve. As things panned we only managed to get through three turns, but we will be picking the game up and finishing things off. As it stands at the moment I’m in the lead with two victory points, but I have lost a third of crew (2 models), whilst Al has one model that has taken some damage. So it could still go either way.

WW56-2 WW56-3 WW56-1 WW56-6 WW56-7 WW56-8 WW56-9 WW56-11

On the hobby front I’ve not had much time this week with it being my first week in my new job. Lots of traveling and long days have left me just wanting to sit and chill out once I got home. Having said that I’ve ordered my Frostgarve crew, courtesy of The Dice Bag Lady which turned up really quickly so I’ll be making a start on them this weekend. Frostgrave is this month’s Special Brew challenge so I want to get started now because I don’t want to run out of time at the end of the month.

WW56-12 WW56-13 WW56-14

The latest Guild Ball minis have also landed, in fact they turned up last Saturday but not quite in time to make last week’s update. I’m really liking (the brewer) who may just inspire me to get my act together and start on the tartan I need to finish of my existing brewers. Especially with the tournament coming up in May where I really fancy using the brewers.

WW56-15 WW56-16

And that’s it for this week. Have a good week and hope to catch you again next week.


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