Weekly Waffle #58

No game night this week with Al being off on his jollies so in theory I should have had a bit more hobby time. But work seems to have decided to make me extra busy this week so haven’t go as much done as I would have liked. Although having said that I have managed to get some work done.

So let’s start off with the big stuff. I’ve managed to make some good progress on the Bank with the roof and sign finished. I’m reasonably happy with the green on the walls but it needs a bit more work to pull out some of the detail and then to add some more effective weathering that I hope will help blend things a bit for me. The stone work on the lower level is coming along nicely with one side complete and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. It just takes time to highlight individual brick, but I think the end result is worth the effort. It’s a similar process to that used for the roof and I’m really happy with how that turned out. I think another couple of weeks and this should be finished.

Weekly Waffle 58-5 Weekly Waffle 58-6 Weekly Waffle 58-7 Weekly Waffle 58-8 Weekly Waffle 58-9

On the Frostgrave front I’ve not made as much progress as I would have liked but I am moving forward. After checking the rules, and realising that I have to pay 200 gold for my Apprentice it means I don’t have paint as many models as I first thought. So my current thinking is that if I finish off my Magician, Apprentice and the ten guys I have already started I will have the 500 points that I need. This means that I will be able start playing next month but more importantly it will mean I avoid the ‘Special Brew’ forfeit.

Weekly Waffle 58-1 Weekly Waffle 58-2 Weekly Waffle 58-3 Weekly Waffle 58-4

As you can see there is still some way to go with all of these but the base colours are down and find that I can usually make quicker progress once I get past this stage. Having said that I’m going to need to make quick progress because my hobby time will be severely restricted over the next couple of weekends. I’ve got my cousin coming over from France this weekend and a family wedding next weekend. You’d think they want me to have to drink a can of ‘Special Brew’.

Well that’s it for this week. I’m off to the airport now to pick up my cousin, and no doubt have a hundred detours on the way home. Have a good weekend and hope to catch you all again next weekend.


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